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How modern SEO works

If you’ve been trying to reach the first spot (or even the first page) of Google for some time now, you already know…

There’s a problem.

The websites with the best reputation get the #1 spots, and those #1 spots give them (seemingly) all of the traffic. It’s a vicious cycle that makes beating your competition on Google nearly impossible… Unless you do something different.

SEO does NOT have to be hard, if you do it the way…

  • Do you feel like your website has plateaued and you simply can’t rise any higher on the rankings without thousands in PPC ads?
  • Are you on a Traffic Rollercoaster where sometimes traffic pours in and other months your website is empty?
  • Do you work too hard – spending too many hours trying to figure out your SEO and burning yourself out?
  • Are you in a constant race with your competition – wishing there was a way to get to the top without struggling so hard?
  • Do you see other websites with incredible traffic, and you wonder what they are doing differently?

Out-play, outsmart, and out-maneuver your biggest rivals – by using the network effect of

Network effect is what happens when your website is seen alongside other top-tier websites. Base 7 Booking chooses only the most trusted businesses and websites. As a result, being seen here enhances your brand image and tells visitors you are a credible authority in your field.

In other words, it’s a way to enhance your SEO naturally – and quickly.

Base 7 Booking has built our reputation on trust. Being associated with the other authoritative websites in your category can improve your brand image and make your website rank higher on Google within only a week or two. Here’s how we maintain our high standards:

Limited Listings Available

Base 7 Booking is unlike other online business directories because, unlike other sites, we do NOT sell dozens of pages of listings. IF you are chosen to be listed, your listing will be one of a small number in your given category. This means you’ll be noticed more often, the weight of your listing will be higher, and your brand image will rise right alongside the other websites here.

Careful Category Selection

We are also careful to avoid “spammy” or questionable content on our site. No gambling, medication, adult, software download, or contest websites – just to name a few. EVERY business listed in our directory deserves to be here. Because of this, your status as a trusted authority will improve by being associated with them. We only work with industry leaders like you.

Stand out from your competition.

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A flood of new traffic

A flood of new traffic filling your website at all times of night and day.


Higher rankings

A higher ranking for all your target keywords, and some others you had no idea your website was targeting!


Steady supply of customers

A steady, fresh supply of customers submitting their information to the contact and lead forms on your website every month


Boosted brand image

A significant – overnight – boost to your brand image and perceived value by Google 



Freedom from the pressures of outbound marketing and sales, brought on by Google SEO traffic. is an affordable boutique business directory that utilizes network effect to improve your SEO. A listing with us comes with all possible perks (ones that even Google doesn’t want us mentioning to you on this page!) at a value that’s quite literally breathtaking.

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